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K.A.B. Consulting was founded in 1991 by Kevin A. Baroni as a sole proprietorship.

I have provided consulting services to several large and small companies for over 2 decades. In addition to my consulting experiences I have worked in several other roles in the information technology arena. I have worked in several industry sectors and implemented a broad spectrum of application solutions. My primary expertise is in providing solutions that run on HP NonStop (HP/Compaq/Tandem) and Intel-based hardware. I have worked on the HP NonStop platform since 1981, Unix platform since 1995, and Windows platform since 1998.

K.A.B. Consulting offers Project and Development Staff Management Services, Software Development Services, Customer Support Services, Small Office Services, and additional IT related services.
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Phone: (916) 253-9770    Email: kevinb@kabconsulting.com